A Mechasaur who appeared in Episode 7 of Getter Robo.

Biography Edit

In the episode, Bera first appears coming from a lake and attacks a building at a communication site with his fire breath. When Michiru checks this out in her jet, her systems all of a sudden stop working. Hayato and Ryoma go to find her in their Getter Machines. Musashi comes later and manages to find Michiru. However, just as Ryoma and Hayato are about to leave, Bera appears and attacks them. By using it's Magnetism Stroke, it knocks off their Getter Machines' systems, making them retreat. As Bera continues to destroy buildings at other communication sites, Professor Saotome realizes that if it uses the Magnestim Stroke on the Getter Machines, they won't be able to combine. So they plan to use red light signals on their Getter Machines to combine at the right time. When go to fight Bera, Emperor Gore commands the Mechasaur to use the Magnetism Stroke already, knocking off the Getter Machine's systems again. Bera even destroys the signal lights on them, except for the Getter Jaguar. When the three are about to combine into Getter-1, Bera catches on and attacks them to prevent their comnination. Fortunately, Musashi had a trumpet with him,so he uses that to signal the others into combining. After they manage to form into Getter-1, they use Getter Kick, but Bera dodges it and uses his fire brewth to Attack them. When the manage to dodge the fire breath, Getter-1 uses Getter Tomahawk to hit Bera. The Mechasaur then uses his fire breath again, but Ryoma fires the Getter Beam and manages to hit Bera. After getting hit, Bers falls down to the ground behind a hill, where the Mechasaur explodes upon impact.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Fire Breath: Bera can spit out a stream of flames from his mouth

Magnetism Storke: Bera can unleash an electric wave from his tail and horn.

Whipping Tail: Bera can whip with it's long tail.

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