A Haniwa Phantom who first appeared in Episode 3 of Kotetsu Jeeg.


One of Queen Himika’s subordinates, Mimashi, plans to locate Hiroshi’s location when he and his mother move away by disguising a Haniwa Phantom as a ball. However, during the drive, the ball falls off the moving truck, so Mimashi gives the ball to a boy named Akira to get him to give the ball to Hiroshi. However, the Build Base starts to get strange waves from the ball, so Miss goes to investigate in the Big Shooter. She manage locates the ball and tries to get Akira to give it to her. Not wanting the Build Base to have the ball, Mimashi gets the ball to turn into a Haniwa Phantom named Boura. Miwa gets Akira into her Big Shooter and she starts shooting missiles at Boura, but the Haniwa Phantom deflects one with it’s long-chained Nunchuck and captures another one to throw it a train. Miwa tries to get away, but she and Akira end up getting captured by Mimashi in the fortress. Now not being able to locate Hiroshi, Mimashi decides to lure him out instead. By Mimashi’s instructions, Boura attacks the power generator. Hiroshi heard about from the Build Base and heads to the area to transforms into Jeeg’s head. Miwa manages to escape the clutches of the fortress and heads to the power generator to launch the body parts. After being formed, Jeeg confronts Boura, but Build Base informs Jeeg that he can’t touch the electricity of the power generator since he’s magnetic. As Jeeg and Boura fight each other, Boura hits Jeeg with it’s nunchucks and he falls onto the power lines, immobilizing him. Boura continuously hits Jeeg with the nunchucks until it wraps it’s nunchucks around his neck. Fortunately, Jeeg manages to get up and continues fighting back, but Boura still gets the upper hand in the fight. Boura backs Jeeg into a dam where he uses Spinstorm to destroy one of the nunchucks. After using Dynamite Kick to knock Boura down, Jeeg uses his magnetic power to pull Boura in toward him. Jeeg then uses Jeeg Breaker to crush Boura in his arms until the Haniwa Phantom is destroyed.


Ball Disguise: Boura can disguise itself a normal-looking ball.

Long-chain Nunchucks: Boura's main weapon is a pair of Nunchucks connected by a long chain.