"Ah! Here gather all the soldiers of Godsman! You think I would be afraid of you?"~ Shark King

Shark King is the finale villain from the Chinese Super Sentai rip-off,

Shark King
Some attributes
First Giant Saver
Second Villain
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Giant Saver.


Shark King first appeared in the end of Episode 51 where he was unleashed by Miss Kyi. When the Savers arrived, they summon their Mechanical Soldiers. In Episode 52, The Savers use Giant Braver, Assualt Saver, and Crack Saver to fight against Shark King, but Shark King proves to be very strong against them. They try to use Giant Assault Braver and Super Giant Braver to destroy him, but Shark King manages to survive through them and defeat the Savers.

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