The first Skeleton Mecha from Episode 1 of Uuchu Majin Daikengo.


Tiranosaurus has the appearance of a Tyrannosaurus fossil, but is standing more more upright and has a longer neck. It has a brown breastplate, brown thighs guards,and two claws on each hand.


On a different planet, at a place called Lama, an evil villain named General Roboleon has his Magellan army and his Skeleton Mecha, Tiranosaurus, destroy the place so they can reach the Emperius. During the attack, Roboelon kills the Prince named Zamson. Upon hearing about his death, Zamson’s brother, Ryger, takes control of the Cosmic Devil, Daikengo, once it was brought to life. He and his crew go to Spardius, where the Magellan are at, and start attacking. Once Daikengo lands on the ground, Tiranosaurus rises up from the ground and faces against the Cosmic Devil. As the two fight, Tiranosaurus appears to be having the upper hand until Daikengo kicks it off a cliff. Tiranosaurus starts shooting missiles from out of it’s eyes at Daikengo, so Ryger summons the Death-Cross Swords. Tiranosaurus then merges his two finger claws together on each hand, giving it two hook blades for it’s hands. The Skeleton Mecha charges toward Daikengo and the two giants clash their weapons together until Daikengo slices Tiranosaurus across the waist and slices the upper half down the middle, making the Skeleton Mecha collapse into pieces. The tail of Tiranosaurus is still moving on the ground for a little bit until it falls to the ground completely, signaling the death of the first Skeleton Mecha.


Eye Socket Lasers: Tiranosaurus can fire lasers from it’s eye sockets.

Missiles: From it’s eye sockets, it can launch missiles.

Sickle Arms: Tiranosaurus can transform it’s arms into sickles for battle.